In our increasingly technological world we are whirling further into cyberspace and away from planet earth, its gifts and blessings, its rhythms and seasons, its beating heart and abundant providence.

Here we bring you and your family back down to earth so you can breathe again.  Holidays at Avalon are a retreat from the fast and furious pace of life and an opportunity to relax in beautiful surroundings, marvel at the monotremes, eat home grown and cooked organic food, dream and sleep under starry skies and explore or laze as the mood takes you.

Avalon is home to an abundance of native wildlife – here you can see the platypus at play every day, wedge tail and sea eagles, sulphur crested as well as yellow and red tailed black cockatoos,  rosellas, quail, bush turkeys, echidnas and lots and lots of wallabies.  At the spring fed dam you can hear the bell birds (only the very sharp eyed can spot them!) and here kookaburras laugh, koalas hide and possums and sugar gliders are wide eyed in wonder.

We also have exceptionally friendly alpacas, cows, sheep, ducks, chooks and horses if you want a more domestic animal encounter (great for the kids to get up close and personal!)

Whether it’s for a weekend or a week or more, Avalon will soon become a favourite place for you and your family to unwind and re-connect . . . with each other, with yourself and with the natural world.

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