Avalon is traditionally the heart of the English Arthurian Legend and the mystical ‘apple isle’ where ‘The Lady’ ruled supreme, women’s lore and wisdom ruled the land and spiritual seekers of both sexes were trained in the ancient healing arts and nature-based crafts.

‘As above, so below’ and Avalon exists here in Australia for those who wish to seek or find it. Like the ancient Avalon it has both red and white springs, river flats, a Tor (or two!) and the healing lifeblood of Mother Nature flowing strongly through every tree and blade of grass.

We are blessed with an abundance of water, a plethora of angophora (apple gums) and the river which mainly meanders but sometimes rages and we hold the land sacred as it holds us in its warm and nurturing embrace.

Avalon is a place and space for those with conscious minds and questing hearts looking to escape from rat race reality and relax in nature to rest, recuperate, breathe and flow once more.

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