As we are a long way from the local shop and 80 minutes from a big supermarket, you can either arrive fully stocked or feast on our organic foods – or a mixture of both. Just let us know in advance!

Avalon Wholefoods makes delicious one pot meals from home grown and organic ingredients, we also have home grown lamb, pork and beef for the barbie.

  • Rich Lentil stew served with rice and shaved Parmesan
  • Chilli sans Carne (a spicy tomato and kidney bean dish served with rice)
  • All of the garden vegetable soup with soup mix
  • Pumpkin and Ginger soup served with sourdough bread
  • Passata pasta sauce – thick and rich tomato sauce with fresh garden herbs
  • Leek and Potato soup – goodness from deep in the ground
  • Pumpkin, basil and cashew nut stir fry – so tasty!
  • Ratatouille – a hearty mix of onions, tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant (with or without garlic), served with organic couscous
  • Home baked beans – all organic, thick, rich and full of goodness – the food America was built on! Served with rice
  • Minestrone. A hearty tomato soup with pulses and pasta, served with sourdough bread
  • Bolognese sauce – home grown beef and tomatoes with our rich tomato passata
  • Goat stew – tender organic goat meat slow cooked in a mixed vegetable sauce – delicious!
  • Borscht – a thick Russian winter soup made from beetroot and potatos and home grown & made veggie stock
  • Sweet Potato & Chilli soup – sweet and hot – perfect for winter nights, with sourdough
  • Gazpacho – for hot summer nights, a light, cold, garlicky soup made from freshly picked tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs

$15.00 per person

In addition we can supply:

  • Organic sourdough breads $10.00 per loaf
  • Home grown Honey $10.00 per jar
  • Home made jams and chutneys $10.00 per 500ml jar (all sugar free, made with home harvested honey)
  • Farm fresh organic and free range eggs $6.00 per dozen
  • Selection of gorgeous cakes $25.00 each
  • Home made organic muesli $10.00 per kilo
  • Home made Hommous with organic chick peas and tahini, $8.00 per 200ml

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